You Are Here Reviewed in UTQ

Robert Stacey, reviewing You Are Here in the Letters in Canada 2012 issue of the (pay walled) University of Toronto Quarterly (Vol. 82, No. 3, Spring 2014), writes, "The readings Pollock offers are thoughtful, knowledgeable, and precise. He is truly an excellent close reader of poems, his technical vocabulary is superb, and his command of the tradition enables him to tease out allusions and echoes of other works that are likely to be missed by the more casual reader. . . There is no doubt that You Are Here will be appreciated by many, especially practising poets and aspiring critics."

Sailing to Babylon Reviewed in UTQ

A great pleasure to read Brent Wood's review of Sailing to Babylon in the University of Toronto Quarterly, where he writes, "Pollock shines brightly in 'Quarry Park,' a long poem." Click "Read More" for an excerpt.

Sailing to Babylon Reviewed at Verse Wisconsin

Richard Merelman reviews Sailing to Babylon in Verse Wisconsin, calling it "a highly accomplished volume that demonstrates technical mastery, erudition (without pomposity), a meditative lyric sensibility, and easy accessibility." Warm thanks to Richard!

Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems

Thrilled that my poem "Radio" appears in the newly-released anthology Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems (Persea, 2014), edited by Gabriel Fried. Very proud to appear in the company of such poets as Marianne Moore, Donald Hall, Linda Gregerson, Edward Hirsch, Yusef Komunyakaa, William Matthews, May Swenson, and Robert Pinksy.

You Are Here Reviewed in Canadian Literature

I was thrilled to read Laura Cameron's dual-review of my book You Are Here: Essays on the Art of Poetry in Canada, and Carmine Starnino's Lazy Bastardism: Essays and Reviews on Contemporary Poetry, in the journal Canadian Literature. Click "Read more" for a taste:

Rilke Essay in Voltage Poetry

My essay on Rilke's "Archaic Torso of Apollo" has been published online at Voltage Poetry. Many thanks to editors Kim Addonizio and Michael Theune for giving me a chance to write about one of my favorite poets.

Echolocations: Poets Map Madison

Very pleased that an excerpt from my long poem "Quarry Park" has been reprinted in the newly-released anthology Echolocations: Poets Map Madison (Cowfeather Press, 2013), along with poems by John Koethe, Martin Espada, Jesse Lee Kercheval, and many others. Thanks to editors Sarah Busse, Wendy Vardaman, and Shoshanna Shy.

Interview in Evening Will Come

In an interview in the November, 2013, issue of the online journal Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics, I discuss the goals of the critic, honesty in criticism, what today's critics are missing, and other critical topics. The editor asks the same questions of twenty-two poetry critics with widely varying approaches and values, from Charles Bernstein and Marjorie Perloff to yours truly.

Sailing to Babylon Reviewed at the Savvy Reader

Inderjit Deogun, reviewing Sailing to Babylon at The Savvy Reader, writes "I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by a single collection. After each poem I had to stop and allow myself the time to marvel at Pollock’s mastery. . .  The extraordinary thing about [the book] is Pollock’s ability to recall an action, a moment or an object with tremendous elegance.  . Pollock revisits his past and sees it with absolute understanding. . .

Excerpt from Griffin Poetry Prize Reading on YouTube

The Griffin Trust presents an excerpt from the Griffin Poetry Prize finalists' reading on YouTube, in which I read the poem "My Grandmother's Bible."


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