You Are Here Reviewed in Geist

Stephen Osborne, in the latest issue of Geist, observes, "The poetry celebrated in the pages of You Are Here includes the work of Jeff[er]y Donaldson, Karen Solie, Anne Carson, Daryl Hine, Eric Ormsby and Marlene [Cookshaw], each of whom receive illuminating and often brilliant close readings." Warm thanks to Stephen!

Brian Palmu Reviews You Are Here

Delighted to read Brian Palmu's appreciative and thorough review on his blog. Click "read more" below to read an excerpt.

First Book Interview

In this interview, part of a series of interviews with new poets, I describe Sailing to Babylon's journey to publication, and what came after.

WLA's Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry

I'm thrilled to learn that Sailing to Babylon has been recognized with an Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry by the Wisconsin Library Association, in recognition of its "literary merit as well as the quality of the writing, editing, printing, and publishing." Warm congratulations to my editor and publisher Alex Pepple at Able Muse Press, and to the other winners: John Koethe, Laurel Mills, Andrea Potos, and Margaret Rozga.

The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology

I'm delighted that seven of my poems have been published in the recently released Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2013, edited by Suzanne Buffam, and published by House of Anansi Press in Toronto. 

James Pollock Reads at the Griffin Poetry Prize

This is the full reading of the 2013 Griffin Poetry Prize shortlisted poets -- presented from beautiful Koerner Hall, Royal Conservatory of Music, in Toronto, Canada, on the evening of Wednesday, June 12th, 2013.

*** To skip to James's reading, go to approximately timeline 1:57 (move your cursor to the dark gray band next to the lower play icon, advance the cursor till about 1:57, then left-click) ***

Interview at the National Post

In this interview I recommend a book to young writers, name the worst trend in modern poetry, and more.

"Northwest Passage" Appraised at The Poetry Daily Critique

A pleasure to read Andrew E. M. Baumann's careful analysis and evaluation of my poem "Northwest Passage" at The Poetry Daily Critique. He calls it an "Absolutely wonderful, and wonderfully calculated poem." Many thanks, Andrew!

You Are Here Reviewed at ForeWord Reviews

Patty Comeau at ForeWord Reviews: “The virtues of good critical reading,” writes James Pollock, are “openness, attentiveness, patience, critical intelligence—and love.” You Are Here, a collection of essays on the contemporary Canadian landscape, aptly embodies these virtues and displays Pollock as an honest and heartfelt contributor to the national poetry’s topographical record.

Interview at the CBC

In this interview, I take questions from a whole firing squad of Canadian writers on such topics as the ethical value of poetry, poets who should be more widely read, and the best writing advice I've ever received.


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